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We are Free Software Practitioners and offer commercial services in a solid legal framework. The ethics that are fundamental to Free Software, are also the core of our business conduct.

Our Vision

Decentralization, Peer-to-Peer, Distribution and Confederation are ingrained into Free Software Design and considered best practice for users to exercise their freedom.

  • With Free Software, users control their computer instead of being controlled by their computer.

In the same way we envision Free Business as a distributed federation of individual professionals, who cooperate peer-to-peer to fulfill well-defined commercial services.

  • In a Free Business, professionals run their own business instead of being run by a business.

The Platform is a grassroot Free Business platform for professionals who want to make a living off Free Software and Hardware Services. Legal Guardians assist professionals who do not own a legal entity themselves, by being a legal front-end for their contracts, invoicing and taxes (VAT). Experienced members act as mentor for starting colleagues.

  • Nou&Off is a Libre Software Practice helping organizations with LibreOffice Migration, Training and Consultancy.
  • Johan Vromans is a veteran Free Software developer, and expert on the Perl Programming Language, with a long track record as CPAN contributor. He is highly valued as author of Eekboek, “an unconventional (dutch) accounting program” that is vital to the business processes of many SMEs and self-employed professionals.
  • Zerocat provides Open Hardware Solutions that are Free and Open to the chip level.

Practitioner Legal Title Role E-mail Chat
Rijk Ravestein Datraverse B.V. Owner Free Software Developer Telegram
Cor Nouws Nou&Off Owner LibreOffice Trainer & Consultant
Johan Vromans Squirrel Consultancy Owner Free Software Developer & Consultant Telegram
Kai Mertens Zerocat Founder Open Hardware Solution Provider

Please contact one of the practitioners if you want to join.

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